colombo suburb roads

Why Do Colombo Suburb Roads Get Flooded For Heavy Monsoon Rains?

Sri Lanka is under water again…. Here are some pictures of flooded bits of roads I encountered on my way to Colombo today morning.
colombo suburb roads
I encountered FOUR such flooded places in the roads on my way today from Wattala To Colombo. This flooded bit of road is in the place called Pansala Junction in Hunupitiya, Wattala area close to Kelaniya. It is in the 261 bus route where the Pettah- Mahara Handiya bus goes.

colombo flooding roads

I hear there were similar places all around Colombo and suburbs with roads partially under water making traffic jams and causing difficulty. Every year or two there is an unusually high Monsoon rain fall to Sri Lanka and we see roads go under water like this. Why do roads get flooded like this every year or so?

colombo wattala road
This photo shows how they were clearing the road in one place using a backhoe loader and digging the water canals deeper. Don’t know how effective it is because the water level was still the same even after some digging.

Its causing great difficulty to those using these road whether they walk or travel by vehicle. There are sometimes severe traffic jams. Because of such flooding roads sometimes buses and taxis don’t want go through these roads and people have to walk for miles. My father-in-law got caught like this when the Buses and three-wheelers stoped going in the 261 Bus Route when buses because of flooded bit of road you saw in the first picture. How can office people and passersby walk thorough knee deep water with there office suit/dress when the roads are like this?

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