SL Navy Water Sport Festival Photos From Trincomalee Beach

East Expo 2011 exhibition was held in a grand scale in the Trincomalee town from the 23rd to 27th September. During this exhibition Sri Lank Navy conducted a water sport festival which included a performance display of Sri Lanka Navy men and boats in action in the beautiful beach near the Trincomalee Fort.

Following are some photos I took when I went to see their water action display on the evening of 23rd September. This photos show only a small part of this Navy display. I heard from other people who went to see this  Navy military action display in Trincomalee beach that there were many more action displays like this throughout the afternoon that day as well as the next few days.

In the photos below I have tried to provide a description of what is taking place.

navi water festival

fast attack craft A Navy boat known as the  Fast Attack craft speeds away from the beach as people look at action taking out there in the ocean.


sri lanka navy

A Navy life boat approaches the beach to pickup Navy men who are waiting on the beach to board it.

navy training srilanka

This picture shows how our Navy boys get into a life boat. Look at how they line up and run and get into the boat one by one as the sea wave recedes.

trincomalee beach pictures

You can see part of the crowd that had gathered in the Trincomalee town beach near the Trincomalee Fort to watch our Sri Lankan Navy’s performance in the ocean.

navy boats srilankaSeven Fast Attack Crafts belonging to the Sri Lanka Navy approach the beach with high speed.


navy fast boatsIn this photo you see the seven SL Navy Fast Attack Crafts slow down and gather in a close formation near the beach before they race out once again out into the sea which you can see in the next picture below.

sri lanka navy boats

 The seven Navy Fast Attach Craft boats race out to the sea in this straight line formation.

navy life boatA larger life boat with Navy men. The Trincomalee Fort is visible in the background.


navy fast attack craftsAnother photo of the seven Fast Attack Crafts as they gathered neared the beach.



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