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SEO Sri Lanka: Problems With Local Search Engine Optimization Experts

seo sri lankaBelow you can see Google search engine statistics that show the number of times Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Sri lanka related word phrases (known as keywords/terms) are were being searched locally in Google every month. This shows that Sri Lankan people and businesses are slowly but surely realizing the value of Internet Marketing via SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Term      –  Monthly Searches

“SEO”                           – 590 times
“SEO Company”      – 110 times
“SEO Services”        – 73 times
“search engine optimization” – 260 times
“what is seo”   – 91 times
“SEO Software” – 480 times

This is good news for the SEO service providers in Sri Lanka. That is because for a long time  local SEO specialist have been providing their services for foreign businesses and websites only. Now it looks like businesses and people in Sri Lanka are also interested in getting their SEO services.

However the problem starts here. Seeing this demand, we see many people, specially in the Sri Lankan Web Design and advertising industries claiming they are SEO experts too and charging high rates from clients for their services. Its okay to charge high rates if they delivery ROI for businesses and websites for their services.

However we see many socalled SEO experts in Sri Lanka who can’t even do SEO optimization and rank their own websites for competitive search terms locally are claiming to be SEO experts. Zeeron Solutions gives a good example of such a local company and how to spot a dubious SEO expert in the article called, Questionable SEO Company In Sri Lanka.

In addition recently, I also heard about a Colombo businessmen who paid 40,000 rupees for several months to a “Internet Marketing specialist” and got in return at the end only a dubious looking Facebook fan page for his local business with 500 likes (all from irrelevant foreigners).

I think the reason many businesses get caught with dubious SEO specialist is because many of these businesses and advertisers in Sri Lanka still have no clue about what is SEO and don’t do their homework of researching about SEO and finding good experts.

They hear about the online marketing success stories of foreign companies and think to jump in the band wagon. They just hire the first SEO company or specialist they come across to optimise there websites and get more business through the Internet.

Our local marketing agencies, web design companies and IT specialist also get request from customers for SEO and Internet Marketing. Most often they are experts in their fields. But when it comes to SEO they are inexperienced. Most probably they have read a few articles about SEO and think they know to do SEO for websites. So they take on SEO jobs and charge the industry standard high rates from the unsuspecting customers.

This cycle seems to playing out with many big and small companies. The end result is companies and business realise it sooner or later that these SEO experts are only taking there money and there is no return for their investments and give up SEO and Internet Marketing. If things goes like this people will form a very bad opinion about SEO and Internet Marketing. That is bad for all involved.

2 thoughts on “SEO Sri Lanka: Problems With Local Search Engine Optimization Experts

  1. Apix the designer

    Nice article i never thought i would read it here. Anyway im a web designer and a SEO expert. I have more than 3years of experience in the SEO bubble. In Sri Lanka i think we lack a lot of expert specialists who really think deep about ROI rather than the ametures who just do some marketing or do some link building without a proper plan.

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