Save Dehiwala Beach from Pollution And Health Hazards

Here are some photos of the Colombo Dehiwala beach. From faraway it still looks beautiful and picturesque. But when you go and walk around the beach all kinds of swear words will come to your mouth.

I’m sad to say, Dehiwela beach is on the fast track to become another polluted and garbage filled stretch of city beach, like you find in so many 3rd world developing countries. That’s really sad because this is a prime asset for a developing country like Sri Lanka.

sri lanka beach pictures

This first picture shows a photo of the Dehiwela beach I took about two years ago (somewhere in 2009). The beach was even then  polluted and not taken care by local government or any other organization. However it was not as polluted as now it is today. Just compare it with the next picture which is a recent picture of the Dehiwela beach stretch taken from almost the exact same spot.

colombo beach picture This prime sandy beach on closer inspection is always littered with garbage and dirt. Walking on the beach can sometimes be like waking on a minefield because of broken pieces of glass, rusted tins and bottles left by beach party goers, beach side restaurants and visitors.

Here are a few more  recent pictures I took for Sri Lanka News Online, that shows an entirely different aspect of the beach you might miss or overlook when you go there.

dehiwela beach sri lanka

The above picture is a place where a large dirty water drain that brings the dirt water from all houses and buildings of Dehiwela town flow into the Indian ocean. These are local government maintained constructed water drains that leave the dirty water to flow without any filtering and polute the ocean. When these drains near the sea they become almost small canal and don’t have any concrete walls or bunds in the side of drains. About 50 meters from the sea the constructed drains stop. There after the poluted dirty water of the drains are left to find its own way to the sea.

As you can see in the pictures here this results in small poluted and stanant water ponds forming near the beach. You can imagine what kind of mosquito’s and health hazards might be breeding in these filthy ponds. The stench near this drains are also sometimes unbearable.
dehiwela beach garbage

There are several large public drains like this one that stop short of flowing into the sea their dirty water and instead form dirty water and garbage filled ponds like this on the Dehiwela beach.

rain water drain system

I hope some Local MPs and Government officers of the Dehiwela and Mount Lavinia Municipal Council into this matter and save beach.

Update: Just after finishing writing this I foundout that another Sri Lankan blogger had also been blogging about same topic at the same time. Check his post called – Drains And Canals.

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