Saudi Arabia Builds Longest Bridge in Sri Lanka in Trincomalee Kinniya Sea!

The title is a quite a mouthful. However as the nation of Sri Lanka tries to rise from the ashes of the long separatist war and 2004 Asian Tusnami like a phoenix it seems to have many friends. In the picture you see below is the longest bridge in Sri Lanka that was constructed and given to Sri Lanka by the Government of Saudi Arabia. It is not only the longest bridge in Sri Lanka but it is also a constructed in the Sea connecting the main Islam of Sri Lanka to the small tiny islet village called Kinniya in the North-East coast of the country. (think it as a smaller version of the Saudi Bahrain sea bridge!)

The opening of this Sri Lanka’s longest bridge which now has become known widely as the Kinniya bridge was done by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on October 20, 2009. It was an important landmark in the annals of the people of the Indian Ocean Island that was also hit by the 2004 Asian Tsunami and poverty stricken Eastern province.

The 396 meter-long bridge, the longest overpass, causeway and bride in this island nation was constructed with the financial aid of US$ 120 million (790 million local SL Rupees) from the Saudi Arabian Government. This bridge is located in a very beautiful coastal area.

Altogether this beautiful sea bridge is 10 meters wide and there are two pavements, each 1.5 meters wide, for pedestrians. The bridge was constructed by a Chinese firm under the supervision of the Road Development Authority.

As we featured here on Sri Lanka News Online Trincomalee is one of the main cities in the Eastern province which boasts of a natural harbor which was used by the Colonial British navy during WWII. More than 10,000 people cross the Kinniya lagoon daily between Kinniya islet and Trincomalee mainland.

“The bridge will connect Kinniya and Trincomalee and ease transport problems of the people in the Eastern province and would benefit more than a million people in the Eastern province as well as the others who come to Trincomalee district.” Saudi Ambassador in Colombo, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Al-Jammaz said. The envoy explained that these people cross the lagoon by ferry and undergo numerous hardships to transport goods including household equipment and daily needs through the ferry. Both light and heavy vehicles are taken on this ferry which operates from morning till 10 p.m. .”


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