Photos of New Wellawatte Dehiwela Marine Drive Bridge Construction

After 15 years of plans and just idle talk from authorities, the Marine Drive in Colombo that currently runs parallel to the Galle Road is now being extended to Dehiwela. The first stage of the new Dehiwela Marine drive road seems to be the construction of a bridge over the old Dutch canal that separates Wellawatte from Dehiwala. Upon hearing about this bridge’s construction a few days back from a three-wheel driver, I thought lot of people who suffer the traffic blocks in Dehiwela Galle Road will like to see it. So, I went to see it today morning and managed to take the photos you see below of this new Wellawatte Dehiwala Marine drive bridge for Sri Lanka News Online.


marine drive dehiwala

As you can see in this photos the marine drive bridge connecting Wellawatte and Dehiwala is almost complete. What remains is the laying of long concrete slabs over this bridge’s steel under carriage.

marine drive bridge dehiwala

In the below picture you can see the concrete slabs that are to be placed on top of the steel structure of the bridge. A guy I spoke to who works in a business near this bridge told me the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka carried out the initial piling and concrete base construction work of this steel bridge. Bringing the pre-manufactured steel parts of the bridge and assembling it over that base using the crane you see here is being carried out by a foreign arm.

dehiwala wellawatte marine drive
Like in Wellawatte to Kollupitya the Dehiwala Marine drive section is also going to run a few meters inland and parallel to the Colombo South coastal railway tracks. I was fortunate to snap a train pass by when I was there on the railway bridge next to the Dehiwala-Wellawatte new Marine drive bridge.

dehiwala marine drive
But if you have dreams of driving in the Dehiwala Marine drive in very soon, well… there is a lot more work to be done than making a bridge. As you can see in the next two photo as of today reclaiming land for the road and clearing it has not even started. The houses and buildings to the land side of the railway track in the below pictures need to be reclaimed and demolished¬† before the construction of the Dehiwala Marine drive extension begins.
dehiwala marine road

(At the far end of the railway tracks in the above photo can you dimly make out a train stopped at the Dehiwela railway station? And also the tall building next to it is the 20 story Marine City Apartment complex.)

new marine drive dehiwala

The final photos here depicts the railway bridge and the new marine drive bridge as seen from the estuary of the old Wellawatte Dutch Canal.

Wellawatte canal bridge

Now the question lies how long it will take to see the contruction begin on the real road? And above all, if and when Dehiwala marine drive is constructed will it be enough to ease the  peak-hour traffic congestion on the Dehiwala stretch of the Galle Road and pure chaos found at the bottle-neck Dehiwala junction flyover inter-section?

8 thoughts on “Photos of New Wellawatte Dehiwela Marine Drive Bridge Construction

  1. Sri Lanka News Online Post author

    Bernard, thanks,
    As for marine drive extending, I heard that the big master plan that was dreamed up ages ago was to extend it until it eventually joins with the Galle Road in Moratuwa/Panaduara. But looking at how work is going on its only a dream…

    At this stage, this new Dehiwela bridge is built only to extend the Marine drive up to the Dehiwela station where the Marine drive will meet the Dehiwela station road that comes down to the sea from the Dehiwela junction.

    1. A.Vigneswaran

      What is the factual situation, whether Marine drive will end at Frazer Avenue or go beyond. Which is the source of your information.If it is going beyond Frazer Ave. have the authorities taken action to draw the street line first. Upto now Municipal authorities are issuing certificates confirming no street line to those properties bordering railway line.

  2. Sashika

    Thanks for the good news.
    How wide will the bridge be?Will it be able to carry 4 lanes of traffic?

    Unfortunately, Station road Dehiwela is very congested.There are no pavements for pedestrians.There are many street vendors who occupy parts of the road.A large number private buses are always parked along the road.So,the people are forced to walk on the middle of the road.The chaos during school opening /closing times and rush hours has to be seen to be believed.

    Therefore there is an urgent necessity to clear the Station road before the marine drive is extended up to Dehiwela.

  3. shanthi

    will the government will find suitable replacements for the house owners who owned properties for years? people have been living for many , many years (not shanty dwelling). suggest suitable over head bridges to be constructed ,like in other countres . srilanka is still far behind , apply new methods and technologies.

  4. Vicky

    Well Dehiwala marine drive bridge is constructed but there is no street line drawn to acquire properties beyond Frazer avenue. House owners along this stretch in a quandary as to the fate of the valuable properties they are owning. Relevant Ministry must spell out whether this is going to be a reality. Displacing the population to keep on building roads is crude idea instead consider pragmatically to expand mass transport.

    1. shanthi

      Vicky , well said authorities must consider of applying new methods , technologies to over come the situations , srilanka is doing 17th century ideas , think of ” singapore” and adopt those methods

  5. Mrs.Panaporn Sangsuwan

    I was welcom to colom and jaffna when you are seeing i to do in this work and help pepole to house so good.Oh my dream.


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