Old Town of Madampe & Voice of America Shortwave Relay Station

This photo shows the Old Town of Madampe. Though you see only a few shops along a highway this place and surrounding areas seem to have a lot of character, history and secret missions going on.  I’ll share here what I heard about this area. I hope those from the Madampe area or know more about this area will come forward to add details about this town in the comments below.

old town madampe

Today this original Madampe town is overshadowed by the newer town known in Madampe area as the “Silver Town” which is located to the north of this old town. I heard the, “Silver Town” or the present Madampe town developed only recently as a result of banks and other important institutions opening up near the Madampe railway station which was a little away from the Madampe Old Town.

The world famous Voice of America Shortwave radio station’s Asia relay station is also located quite closeby to Madampe old town in the place called Iranawila. I was able to see the tall relay towers of the Voice of America Shortwave Radio from the paddy fields you see in the photograph below. There were a dozen or so towers and they were much taller than the telephone towers. Because I took these photos from my phone camera I couldn’t capture the towers clearly because they were very far in the horizon. I heard from Madampe people that the towers are lit at night and is a very beautiful sight to behold. According to wikimapia.org US propaganda radio stations that function under Voice of America such as Radio Ashna, Radio Azadi, Radio Farda, Radio Free Afghanistan, Radio Free Asia, Radio Liberty and Radio Sawa are aired into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia and India from this relay station in Sri Lanka.

paddy field srilanka

For those unfamiliar with the location of Madampe, it is situated in Puttalam District in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. The people of the area constitute of poor and middle class Muslims and Buddhist and Christian Sinhalese.


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  1. horst

    i am living in Germany. Today i heard VoQ on 9945 khz in my Radio (Degen DE 1135) with a normal Antenne.
    Please can you send me via internet a anser. thanks Horst


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