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NOLIMIT: Sri Lanka’s Biggest Fashion Store Chain & Best Place For Shopping Clothes

What is the best place to buy clothes in Sri Lanka?

I get queried often about the fashion stores in Sri Lanka, shopping in Colombo and about Colombo cloth shops. So I made the below list of the what I think are the Top 10 Fashion Stores in Sri Lanka.

nolimit sri lankaNolimit Fashion Store in Wellawatte, Colombo 6

This list of top 10 fashion and cloth shops in Sri Lanka is based on my experience and observation. Such a top 10 list is always a judgmental call and I’m sure not everyone will agree with it. I’d love to see you come up with your own list of top 10 clothing stores in Sri Lanka. You can leave  your list in the comments below or post in your blog and let me know so that I’ll link to your post from

My Top 10 Fashion Stores in Sri Lanka

1. Nolimit Sri Lanka
2. Odel Sri Lanka
3. Fashion Bug Sri Lanka
4. House of Fashion Sri Lanka
5. Hameedia’s (Menswear specialist)
6. Ranjanas (Pettah, Colombo 11)
7. Kandy Fashion Store (Kiribathgoda)
8. Ranjanas (Pettah, Colombo 11)
9. Bavery Street Sri Lanka
10. Romafour (Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4)

I may eventually get around to write in detail about each of these leading fashion stores in Sri Lanka. In the meantime out of these top 10 fashion stores, here are some details and my experience and opinion of the best and largest fashion store, NOLIMIT Sri Lanka.


The Nolimit Sri Lanka Fashion Chain

What makes me say Nolimit is the top fashion store in the Sri Lanka are their 20 or so showrooms located throughout the country. In addition they also sell cloths at reasonable prices, have a large selection of clothing available in their stores. The cloths are also of acceptable quality and the staff are quite helpful when you ask their assistance. Nolimit showrooms are also very modern and look like any international fashion chain stores such as Addidas or Levi’s showrooms in Colombo.

As for the products they sell, Nolimit offers all kinds of clothes and accessories for men, women and children. Their cloth prices are reasonable and within reach of average Sri Lankan citizens buying ability. Nolimit showrooms also have the biggest collection and selection of clothing types and designs I have seen anywhere in Sri Lanka. So personally, I’m a big fan of Nolimit even though their cloths are not of the high quality I expect for the money I pay.

Below is a snapshot of some shirts and a t-shirt I bought from Nolimit and their sister store,Glitz recently. They are not designer cloths or the of the best quality nor were they the cheapest in the market but overall I’m happy with them becausse they look good and they are comfortable to wear. My more fashion conscious cousins and friends have also said they look good  and are made of good mixed cotton and polyester materials.nolimit srilanka fashion store

Nolimit Sri Lanka is also the unmatched leader in this fashion store business in the country with around 20 showrooms so far which are located in strategic towns and cities across the country such as Colombo, Kandy, Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia, Rathnapura, Negambo among others. No other fashion store or clothing shop in Sri Lanka has so many outlets. So NOLIMIT in their advertisements claim they are biggest fashion chain in Sri Lanka. They are also opening more clothing showrooms all over the island. In fact, their popularity is such that in recent years they have also garnered fear and hate attacks from certain extremist groups in the country because the owners of this store is from the a minority community.

In the last year or two, the owner of Nolimit seems to have split his single flag-ship fashion chain into 3 fashion chains named Nolimit, Glitz and Pallu respectively. So in addition to Nolimit clothing showroom, they have opened several large specialized fashion & clothing stores in Colombo called Glitz and Pallu. The Pallu chain of showrooms specialize in traditional and eastern clothing such as expensive Indian Saris, Panjabis, Shalwar Kameez, etc while in Glitz chain seems to be aiming to become a high class fashion store with expensive and designer clothing.

In the meantime the normal Nolimit shops you find all types of clothing from really cheap ones to expensive items. They also have some discount cloth shops called NOLIMIT Discount Store. I have visited one of their discount shops in Dehiwela Hill street and found it had some decent cloths for dirt cheap prices. You can find more about Nolimit through their website at

So what’s your experience with Nolimit and other Fashion Stores in Sri Lanka? Feel free to share them below.

5 thoughts on “NOLIMIT: Sri Lanka’s Biggest Fashion Store Chain & Best Place For Shopping Clothes

  1. Susan Critelli

    Don’t know that I will ever have the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka, but articles like these are fascinating to me because they are a window into the lives of my fan base, quite a few of whom are from Sri Lanka. And an opportunity to realize that people around the world are not so different after all.

  2. Russell

    As westerners in sri lanka, wehave never found decent shopping. International brands are virtually non existent except a few sports brands.

  3. Sri Lanka News Online Post author

    Have you checked the Glitz, Hameedia and Odel showrooms in Colombo recently? They have got several International clothing brands for sale but only in their big showrooms around Colombo City. I recently even checked out the original Levi’s denims and shirts at the Nolimit Glitz showroom in Mount Lavinia. I hear Nolimit had become a dealer for Levi’s brand in Sri Lanka very recently. I’ve also seen a exclusive Levi’s store in Dharmapala Mawatha road, Colombo 3.

    However like you say International brands of cloths are very difficult to find in Sri Lanka, except for large International sports brands like Adidas, Nike and Reebok. I’ve even heard tourist ask about where to find International clothing brands in Sri Lanka. Frankly your choice is very limited. That’s sad because I think some Indian tourist come to Sri Lanka hoping they can buy International branded cloths here because we have a more open economy than India.

    But this situation may improve in the coming years. Now that the war is over and more tourist are coming to Sri Lanka International clothing brands are slowly starting to creep into our stores.

  4. Saranga

    No limit sell rubbish,, they are imported cheap stuff from China and Thailand when Sri Lanka it self make one of the best apparel brand for the world.,,I found it very amusing when I visited there when I was on holiday…

    Odel would be the best but be prepared to pay for real stuff not fake,,
    and Avirate another good brand as well,,, House of fashion sells both genuine and fake stuff with out the label!



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