road pedestrian crossing

New Type of Bi-Directional Pedestrian Road Crossings in Galle Road

zebra road crossing

A new improved and efficient, bi-directional type of pedestrian road crossing has being painted in Galle Road recently. Here is a photo of that zebra crossing. I saw this new pedestrian zebra crossing in Galle Road and other byroads in Colombo, Kollupitiya area.

This pedestrian crossing is more broad than the normal zebra crossings in Sri lanka and is marked with bi-directional arrows. According to the markings, pedestrians should keep to the left zebra lines when crossing so allowing the right side zebra lines for pedestrians coming from the opposite side.

road pedestrian crossing

This second photo shows a usual pedestrian road crossing you can see marked in roads throughout Sri Lanka.

It will be good if the new type of pedestrian road crossing can be used all over Sri Lanka because it is more efficient.  But a even more important thing maybe making people respect and observe road rules.

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