Narrowest Place in Colombo Kandy Road At Mawenella Higula Town

I was traveling towards Colombo on the Colombo Kandy road yesterday. This Colombo Kandy highway which has only two lanes connects the two most important cities of Sri Lanka. So for more than hundred years it is officially the most important highway in Sri Lanka and therefore has the distinction of bearing the A1 route number.


kandy colombo traffic

Probably the narrowest spot in Sri Lanka’s most important road!

Even though it has only two lanes for the most part of the A1 route the road is well maintained and broad enough for a two lane both-way traffic road. Most of the towns and even difficult and mountainous spots the road passes through like the Kaduganawa Pass have been widen and in some towns on the route you find four or even six lanes.

However for some peculiar reason one single town or place on the Kandy Colombo road has been missed being expanded sufficiently for a two lane bi directional traffic road. This place is called Higula. This Higula town is located between Kadugannawa and Mawenella towns.

So on my way yesterday, after passing the beautiful scenic road in Kaduganawa I came across the small town of Higula a few Kilometers before Mawenella town. Here are some photographs of this Higula town and narrow road I too using my phone camera. You can see yourself how narrow the road is at this place. If the Government of Sri Lanka and the RDA or Road Development Authority wants they can easily expand the road and reduce a lot of traffic and accidents that happens due to this bottleneck situation in Higula.

sri lanka container lorry

This photo show our car entering Higula town from Kandy side. This is the place where the Kandy Colombo road gets narrower.

mawanella colombo traffic

You can see the traffic block that is always there at this place. Vehicles that approach Higula at 50 to 80 kmph has to virtually drive through the town at a snail pace of less than 20 kmph. As you can see on the below two pictures the car I travel had to stop so that the bus and the crane truck could pass us on the other lane without scrapping the pain on our car.

higula town mawanella

Higula is therefore a very dangerous spot for vehicles and pedestrians alike being very accident prone.

higula small road

Higula is also a junction. The road to a famous Buddhist – Hindu Devalaya starts from this place. In the above picture you can see a van trying to turn to that road.

higula muslim town

colombo kandy traffic
As you can see on this picture here there is not enough space on either side of the road for pedestrians to walk. So people have to walk on the highway..colombo mawanella road

But see the above and below photos. The above photo shows the Kandy Colombo road in the Colombo side before Higula. The below picture shows the size and breath of the road towards the Kandy side of Hijula. colombo kandy road

I hope someone who reads this will bring it to the attention of relevant authorities and take action to expand the road. I hope some national newspaper or Sri Lanka television channel in reports this in the “action TV”?

3 thoughts on “Narrowest Place in Colombo Kandy Road At Mawenella Higula Town

  1. Shafras

    Found this article a highly important as I am a resident of mawanella and using this way more often. I also concerned the above topic. If the matter could be kept in front of authorities it would be more appreciated.

  2. SAW

    Thank you for bringing this issue in to a public forum. I too used to travel through this place frequently. The right side of the road is noway expandable because of the river. In the left side of the road there is a small ‘devalaya’ and ‘pandura’ which may be the reason preventing road expansion. It is really disturbing for other vehicles when the vehicles of devotees stop in the middle of the road to worship in there. Number of accidents also take place here. I think its time to move devalaya little farther allowing the road to be expanded. So that the devotees can worship without making hindrance to other people pass-by.


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