My Samsung Champ Phone

samsung-champ-menubeen four years since I purchased my Samsung Champ (GT – C3300K). I bought it in the year 2010 for Rs. 10,500/= I really think it was worth the money. The full touch option has made many people say “Oh this must be an expensive phone!” “Wow a full touch phone!”

I’m not this really smooth phone user. I have dropped my phone many times and it still seems to work! The only thing I have done is change the battery twice in these 3 years of usage. I hope to use my phone for another year or so :)

Well when it comes to features I would say it is quite a basic phone with today’s phones having real WOW Samsung-champ-frontfactors. My phone Camera quality is just 1.3Megapixels which means the photo quality is quite low. But since I’m not a photo maniac its fine with me. The sound quality is quite good and this phone also comes with a stylus.

The other flaw of the phone that really frustrates me is though I can send emails through this phone I’m unable to attach files. So even in case of an emergency I am unable to send attachments through my phone. Also some photo formats downloaded from the internet cannot be viewed on the phone. GIF file formats cannot be set as wallpapers which is really sad :( coz this means that no animations can be set as the wallpaper.

This phone also means no Wi-Fi and no Infrared sending. Yes you do have the bluetooth option though.

samsung champ backThen on the plus side you can listen to the radio without having to hunt down your headset (Yay!!!) And I really love the sleek design of the phone and can even take out my phone from the purse when I am surrounded by a crowd of iPhones!!!

I think this would be a perfect option if you are looking for a simple phone with a real ‘beautiful’ look and have a strained budget.

Do you use a Samsung Champ too? Let me know what you think!


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