Largest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka: Photos of 1624 Trincomalee Fort Fredrick

If you visit Trincomalee area in North Eastern Sri Lanka you can find many tourist attractions to occupy your time.  Some of them are the hot water springs in Kanniyayi, the Trincomalee Harbour, the Pigeon Island, the old Dutch Fort, the Nilaveli beach and other beaches for surfing, scuba diving, fishing and whale watching, not to mention the town itself with its blend of people with their different cultures and traditions.

Out of these famous locations in Trincomalee, the old Dutch Fort is perhaps the most important tourist attraction. That is because it is not just a old fortress. This fort is a very diverse attraction for a tourist, because within it a curious tourist has got many things to see and experience.

Sadly many people don’t know about the things you got to see in this historic Fort. So I thought to photograph and document things of interest you find within the old Trincomalee Dutch fort which also happens to be the largest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka. I took the photographs of the Fort I’m sharing here on a visit to the Trincomalee somewhere in the end of September 2011. So without further ado here is the largest Dutch fort in Sri Lanka at your perusal…


Trincomalee Fort Fredrick (1624-1948) As Seen From Trincomalee Town Dutch Bay Beach

trincomalee beach pictures

The Dutch Fort as seen from the Trincomalee town beach. As you will see in the map below the Fort is built on a small north facing peninsular land mass that juts out of a larger peninsular  in which the Trincomalee town is today located.

The Map of the Fort

[mappress mapid=”4″]

trincomalee fort dutch

The Entrance To the Fort 

trincomalee fort entrance

Backside of the Fort Entrance

srilanka dutch fort

Fort Fredrick Road leading to Trincomalee Town

fort entrance road

Road within the Fort to Koneswaram Hindu Kovil

trincomalee pictures fort


The Army Camp of Sri Lanka Army Gajaba Regiment

trincomalee army camp

srilanka army camp

Koneswaram Kovil (Hindu Temple)

trincomalee Koneswaram kovil

Monkeys Waiting for Food from Tourist & Pilgrims

srilanka wildlife photos


Tourist shops and souvenir stands within Fort on the way to Koneswaram Kovil

trincomalee fort market

Sweets and Food Products made primarily from Palmyra Tree

Palmyra tree products

Souvenir stand selling Seashell And Shell-work Artifacts

seashell shellwork artifacts

View of Trincomalee Town And Fishing Harbour from a hill within the Fort

trincomalee town pictures

A hill within the fort

trincomalee photos fort


The Place called Lover’s Leap

srilanka lovers leap


Remains of World War II British Coastal Artillery Guns


coastal artillery guns

world war 2 artillery

Un-Preserved Ruins & Wilderness within the Fort

dutch fort ruins

ruins and wild plants

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and the little detail I could provide with it. Feel free to add your comments and any knowledge about Trincomalee Fort you like to share in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Largest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka: Photos of 1624 Trincomalee Fort Fredrick

    1. Sri Lanka News Online Post author

      yes, the fort was originally built by the Portuguese and taken over by the Deuth/Netherlands somewhere in 1670s. The Dutch expanded and rebuilt the original fort over the years into what stands today. The British took over the Fort in 1896 and used it as a Military base until the 1950s.

    1. Sri Lanka News Online Post author

      I’m glad to see you all enjoy my Sri Lanka pictures of these historical place. You should tour the Trincomalee Fort someday. Like many other things you can experience by visiting Sri Lanka this is a place you can enjoy and learn a lot if you are interested in History and nature.

  1. Ionut Popa

    I’m from Canada and we have a similar looking fort here in Nova Scotia. I’m wondering about the origins of ours. I’ll check it out for sure

    1. Sri Lanka News Online Post author

      Yes please let us know more about the fort in your area. You got me really curious about your fort in Nova Scotia. This Trinco Fort was built by Portuguese and then rebuilt by Dutch East India Company (VOC). So if they are similar did the Dutch or Portuguese occupy your area also?

      I just did a brief search about fortresses in Nova Scotia, Canada. It seems you guys have several forts. In fact according to Wikipedia there are 8 military forts in Nova Scotia.
      1. Fort Vieux Logis
      2 Fort Lawrence
      3 Fortress of Louisbourg
      4 York Redoubt
      5 Fort Anne
      6 Citadel Hill (Fort George)
      7 Fort Edward (Nova Scotia)
      8 Fort Sainte Anne (Nova Scotia)
      Is the fort you mentioned one of these?

  2. Nathalia

    Im a student of Kelaniya uni. We have an assignment to do about a historical place. I have chosen The Fort Fedric to write. Can you plz send me more details to write on?


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