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Hi all,
It is a long time since I updated this news blog about Sri Lanka. But God willing, from today onwards I hope to regularly update this blog. The things I hope to write about on Sri Lanka News Online in future are as follows..

1) Write firsthand reports and reviews about my and others experiences with consumer products in Sri Lanka.

2) How to get things done in Sri Lanka
(e.g. I recently applied and got my Sri Lankan Passport. I hope to write about how I got it done so others who want to get it can read and benefit from a firsthand account of how another Sri Lankan got it.)

3) The best place to buy things
e.g. last month I wanted to buy a office table for my home office so I can do use it and do my online work. I checked the new furniture stores and the kind of desk I wanted cost around 10,000 – 15,000 rupees. I tried to check where I can buy second hand stuff but couldn’t find any place even though I asked from known people and even searched the Internet for such places in Sri Lanka. So I thought if I want to buy a table I’ll have to spend more than ten thousands rupees. Then I happened to speak to my cousin and my need and he happened to have seen a banner ad for a furniture auction in Bambalapitiya, Colombo 4, on his way to work. I went to the auction and man wasn’t I lucky. I ended up buying FOUR office desks from the auction for just 12,000 Rupees!

See how much money you can save if you go to the right place. Just imagine how many people in Sri Lanka maybe buying those new desks when they can get four or five of them for the same price if they go to the correct place? So I hope to make Sri Lanka News Online a website where people can read tips and news like this and benefit from them.

* Do you have experiences like this you would like to share with others? Please send them to:  news@srilankanewsonline.com

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